Parker dealer

Allhydro is a certified Parker Hydraulic Technology Center

Parker Hannifin is a global leader in drive and control technologies. For over 100 years, Parker has been providing productivity improvement and profitability for its customers across a range of industries and mobile markets. Together with Parker Hannifin, Allhydro is ready to supply you with all hydraulic components in the shortest possible time. Accumulators, pumps, valves, filters and measuring equipment are only a small selection of the range of products that we have available. You can also turn to us for oil checks.

Allhydro is the largest Parker dealer in Belgium.

You will find the Parker PAR-FIT Search below.

Enter the OEM part number of your filter cartridge and you will get the appropriate Parker PAR-FIT part number.

Denison Hydraulics
Over the past 100 years, Parker Hannifin has also acquired a number of brands, with Denison Hydraulics among the most important. It produces a wide range of hydraulic components and systems for various industries. Its commitment to R&D and the use of leading technologies has enabled the continuous innovation of products and the addition of new products to its product portfolio.

Today, Olaer is the Accumulator and Cooler Division within Parker. This division produces different types of hydraulic accumulator (bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators). Olaer cooperates in the further development of accumulators according to EN14359:2006. This includes further specification of material, design, production, stress tests, safeguards and documentation of hydraulic accumulators and gas cylinders.

Calzoni has become the Pump & Motor Division Europe - Calzoni within Parker. This division produces low-speed-high-torque radial piston motors. Parker-Calzoni radial piston motors perform exceptionally well in the most demanding of applications. They are available in a fixed, variable or double variable volume. The motors are the result of an original and patented design.

Sterling Hydraulics
Sterling Hydraulics has become a subsidiary of the Hydraulic Cartridge System Europe (HCSE) Division within Parker. The HCSE division is responsible for the leading design and production of hydraulic cartridge valves, including pressure valves, directional seated valves, load-holding valves, solenoid valves and proportional solenoid valves.

Vane pumps

Allhydro has a large stock of original Parker vane pumps. They are available immediately, from the smallest T7B to the largest T67DDC.

  • T7B, T7BS
  • T6C
  • T7D, T7DS
  • T7E, T7ES
  • T7BB, T7BBS
  • T7DBS
  • T7DBBS
  • T6CC
  • T67DC
  • T67EC
  • T7DCB
  • T67DCC
  • T7DDBS
  • T67DDC
  • T6GCC

Piston pumps

They are available immediately, from the smallest PV016 to the largest PV270.
We also have a range of different compensators in stock. This way, we can supply the pump fully in accordance with your wishes.

  • PV016R
  • PV020R
  • PV023R
  • PV028R
  • PV032R
  • PV040R
  • PV046R
  • PV063R
  • PV080R
  • PV092R
  • PV140R
  • PV180R
  • PV270R


Allhydro accumulators are available immediately, from the smallest EHV 0.5 liters to the largest EHV 50 liters.
Pre-filling with nitrogen up to a required pressure (maximum 400 bar) is also possible.

  • EHV0.5
  • EHV1
  • EHV1.6
  • EHV2.5
  • EHV4
  • EHV5
  • EHV6
  • EHV10
  • EHV12
  • EHV20
  • EHV24,5
  • EHV32
  • EHV50