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Vane pump T7EECS 062 062 031 4L** A100
T7EECS 062 062 031 4L** A100

Allhydro supplies Parker Denison hydraulic vane pumps from stock. Contact us for a quote on this vane pump. Please find the technical details of the vane pump below.

If you have further need for spare parts, cartridges or seal kits please feel free to contact us.

Parker Denison hydraulic T7EECS Series vane pump.

Brand name Denison Hydraulics
Part number 054-49821-000
Type Triple Vane
Model T7EECS
Application Industrial
Mode Fixed displacement
Displacement P1: 196.7 ml/rev
P2: 196.7 ml/rev
P3: 100 ml/rev
Speed up to 2200 rpm
Direction of Rotation Counterclockwise
Mounting Interface SAE E 4 bolts J744
Type of Shaft Splined 8/16 (SAE D and E) 13 teeth
Seal Class NBR
Maximum working pressure 210 Bar